So, the first science project I did this year didn’t go so well. The project was a homemade bouncy ball and it failed.

The ingredients for the bouncy ball are cornstarch, Borax, food coloring (I used blue), glue, and warm water. The materials are a plastic baggie, a ruler, 2 small plastic containers, measuring spoons, and a spoon that doesn’t bend.

The first time I tried, I failed. The directions said to make a food dye/borax/water mixture and add only 1 teaspoon of the dye/borax/water mixture into the gluey cornstarch mixture. I added the entire mixture instead of just 1 teaspoon.

The second time I failed we followed the directions closer and it looked like it worked, until the forming of the ball. I was rolling with my hands until it dried like the directions said. But it didn’t dry. It ended up not bouncing and being a damp blob. I put it in a plastic bag and now it’s as flat as a pancake. I’m not sure WHAT happened but I feel like I definitely did something wrong. Even though it didn’t go as well as planned, I still really had fun making it.

I finished another project this weekend that went MUCH better, and I’ll be sharing that one soon. (hint: let’s just say for now… robot?)

See you soon!

Yours, Maya