It’s the moment all you have been waiting for: the brush robot blog. I am so excited to tell you about it!

I built a brush robot set that I got for Christmas. Watch my video below where I reveal the brush robot unboxing 🙂

It actually moves! It has a small brush in the back for balance. You should’ve seen my dog’s reaction to it! It was hysterical!

It was a little tricky at times, but it was super fun. One tricky part was putting the motor in.

brush robot motor
You can see the motor with the wires in the back.

It was hard to get the wires into the little slot. It was also hard to screw in the eyes and making sure it was even. The hardest part was to get in the big brush. We had to put a sticky foam pad on it so it wouldn’t scratch the parts. It was hard to put it in with the foam pad on it. I had to wriggle it in.

Here’s what it looks like finished.

Robot Brush
The finished robot!

When you flip the switch to turn it on, it vibrates, moves in circles or backwards, and when you move the brush in the back, it will fall and move in circles as well. I can’t wait to show you…

That wraps it up!