I love Christmas. I think pretty much every kid’s favorite holiday is Christmas. Lights, trees, snow, presents, family, food… Christmas is full of fun! So that’s why I am going to share with you what my family does for Christmas.

The first thing we do is decorate the tree. We always decorate the tree first and we listen to Christmas music while we do it. Thanks to Santa, we have a cool Bluetooth speaker that hooks up to our phones and we make up our own holiday playlist. (Thanks Santa!) It’s really fun looking at old decorations we’ve made.

After that, we drink hot cocoa with candy canes in it and enjoy the tree, still listening to Christmas music. My mom and I bake cookies, too. We like to make green cookies with mint chocolate and white chocolate chips, and M&M cookies too! Nucky always rushes over and sits and waits for flying dough bits coming out of the mixer.

The next thing we always do: watch the best Christmas movies ever created. We watch Elf, and Home Alone 1 and 2 (Those are my favorite Home Alones!) We laugh at our favorite parts so much! My favorite part of Elf is when Buddy thinks this small man is an Elf, and he keeps calling him an angry elf.

My favorite part of Home Alone 1 is when Kevin is watching a gangster movie and he mimics the main character, saying “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal *BAM BAM BAM BAM*and a Happy New Year!”

Later, Kevin uses that video to trick the pizza guy and it’s hilarious!

My favorite part of Home Alone 2 is when one of the bandits, Marv, looks up at a hole and says “Wow. *pause* What a hole.”

On Christmas, we wake up early of course, and open presents! Unwrapping the cute stocking stuffers is my favorite part. After, while we are cleaning up, my mom makes breakfast. We always have cinnamon rolls and bacon.

Well, that is pretty much what we do every Christmas.

Happy Holidays, Maya 😀