This is my very first blog and I am super excited to tell you about my first couple days of homeschooling!!

This week I did science and some math. For science, I learned about the scientific method. I learned that the scientific method steps are:

  • Question: The question is the first step of the scientific process.
  • Hypothesis: A hypothesis is a statement that can be proven true or false. It is often written in the form “If (a) then (b)”
  • Experiment: The experiment is an activity that is used to test if your hypothesis is true or false.
  • Data: The data is the result of the experiment.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is the final statement that describes what you learned from the experiment and results.

For math I did some reviews on improper fractions. At first, I was really confused. But eventually I got a grip. I went swimming yesterday with some homeschooling friends. Today I am doing a science project today and I am going to do a blog on that. (shhhh pretend I didn’t tell you ;))

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