welcom to Nucky TakeOvr weak 2. i seem 2 b geting awahy with doeng Nucky TakeOvr. i do Nucky TakeOvr reely fastly. i do it when Maya isnt hom or is busy. Maya takes papr and rites on it. dats when I do it. i has tones of tim!

2day I wantd 2 b a jerk. so I taked Maya’s seet wen she gos upstars. i has anothr storey for u. dady lieks 2 sit in da same seet evrytime he sits doen and werks. so wen he take brakes, i take his seet and den he get sad so I gets up and folow him arond. i fall 4 it evrytim. cuz den he take seet back. uh o. Maya comeng doenstars! got 2 run! littrly!

bakon, cheez, n sunfloer seedz

P.S I droold on Maya’s favrite blankt. iT was funne. she yelld “Nucky yer disucting!!”

P.P.S This was “written” by Maya’s dog, Nucky. All in good fun!