Hai. My naem is Nucky. I is Maya’s dog. Welcom 2 a new cereez calld Nucky TakeOvr. I is gonna tell you a littl abot miselfe b4 I duz anyting els.

I liek bonez and toys. I liek to lik peepuls foots. I slepe all da tiem. If I donte slepe I will play owtsid with mi favrit deflatd busketbull. I hayt bathetime. Tank gosh its onlee 1nce a yer.

Now dat u kno a littel bout me, here is a storey. 1 tiem I gote stunged or bited bai a buggie. It turnded my hed into a fotbull. I hadded to goes to da mergunsee vet.

Dat wraps up 2days storey! Stey tooned for next weaks Nucky TakeOvr! Now Im gunna take a nap. I tird.

Bakon, Cheez, n SunFlowr Seedz, Nucky

P.S Dont telle Maya abot dis. Shhh itll b our seecret


P.P.S (Dislclaimer): This was “written” by Maya’s black lab, Nucky. All in good fun!