oh hai. its ben awhyle. if you forgot, mi name is nucky, and i takovr maya’s blawg every wonce in a whyle. i yoosually fal asleep on thuh keebord so be preepared for lots ov arogiioghrwanhgirAWOgirn;ignrnigrnwrglenvhewinvjswenHN.,,jdsigoey3875pat’p

sa, oh em gee im sorree. anee ways lets tak abowt how mutch mayas blogs SUK. 

All maya dos is sit on her stoopid fone posting stoopid selfees on instuhgraym. she hasnt ritten a blog in a YEER. how unprefesshinal. how do i manige to rite thees you mite ask. i doo it wenever shes on her stoopid fone. witch is a lot. maya lykes too make this ugly glop she calls slyme, but shes soo atattshed to it that she eeven is riting a blog abut it. o dankgit, i wasnt suppostd to tel u. were is the bakspase on heer? O NO MAYA IS GETING OFF HER FONE AND SHES TRYING TO PET ME. SOS SOS SOS AS SOON AS POSIBLE. o no maya is comming 2 her compewter, GOT 2 GO GUYS C U SOONE.

Hi this is Maya! Turns out Nucky has been writing on my blog with random letters put into what he thinks are words. He’s currently sleeping, but thankfully he hasn’t posted any of this. And Nucky, if you find this, my blogs don’t “suk” and I’m not on my “fone” all the time. I don’t even know what the heck that is. Anyways, I hope Nucky doesn’t ruin anything on here.

Oh em gee maya fownd my blog i was riting abut her. im gunna continyooe riting thees no mater wut she ses. i hope yoo guys lyke thees. if u dont 2 bad im still riting them. have a gud rest of ur day. im gonna nap now.8,uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhCf

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