So today’s blog is a little bit serious. It is about what I am thankful for and why. I am thankful for a lot of things, but I am sticking to five here for now.

First, I am thankful for my friends and family. I am thankful for my family because they help me when I need help, they cook for me, and they show so much love. Nucky is my dog, a pain in the butt, and a lil rascal, but he’s also a good buddy and I love him. He is a big part of the family. I also love my family that doesn’t live with me- my cousins, my aunts, uncles, my Nana, Grandpas, and Grandmas.

Secondly, I am thankful for a roof over my head. Some people don’t have the opportunity to have this, and I am just really glad I have a place to live and grow up in.

Next, I am thankful for my electronics, like TVs, computers, phones, etc. I am thankful to be able to have my own computer to write this on and I feel lucky to use it. And I am thankful for my phone so I can keep up with friends and family.

Next, I am thankful for music. I like to sing, dance and listen to music. So I am thankful I have the chance to enjoy it. (As I am writing this, I am actually listening to my favorite band, One Direction). I know music is a very common thing that people hear, but some people have zero access to it. So I am glad I can enjoy it.

Lastly, I am thankful for my social media. I am glad that my parents let me have it and show me how to use it responsibly, and that I can actually use it. Follow and like me on my social media! 😉

Tell me what you are thankful in the comments! I am curious! Thank you for staying tuned! Happy Thanksgiving! See you soon!

Thankfully yours, Maya 😀