Since the holidays are just around the corner, on Thanksgiving my uncle and I made a Christmas tree made of wood. My uncle cut a wooden pallet into pieces to make the parts of the Christmas tree.

We started by painting the wood pieces with green, red, and brown spray paint. Some of the wood was painted green, and the stem was painted brown. We also painted the base brown. We painted a small square red, for the star.

After we ate, we came back outside to check if it was dry. It was, so we got out regular acrylic paint in red, white, dark blue, and light blue to make the decorations. I made a light blue star with stencils he brought. He had circle, hippie flower, star and square stencils, and we made the squares into diamonds. It looked a lot better like that. We used them to paint little “ornaments,” and put them all over the tree.

Finally, we put the tree together. We used screws to attach the green pallet pieces to the front of the large brown pallet piece. It was a little tricky, but eventually we got it all together, and it looked awesome.

My DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

After a couple days, we added some lights and put it all over the tree. It looks a ton more like a tree now that we added the lights on them.

Pallet Christmas Tree
The tree is finished!

To find the instructions to make your own pallet Christmas tree, visit my uncle’s blog, Scrappy Geek.

Happy Holidays!

Yours, Maya 😀